PARC works with Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu to limit the spread of CRB-G to new islands and localities, reduce the existing population in already affected areas, find long-term solutions for CRB-G management through biocontrol and integrated pest management, and enhance regional capacity in pest detection and response management.

The following is the initiative key objectives.

  • Secure viable and sustainable coconut and oil palm production across the Pacific that is resilient to the threat of CRB.
  • Empower and strengthen capacity of the region using collective action to control the spread and suppression of the CRB population.
  • Enhance Pacific ability to prepare for and response to CRB pest incursion
  • Upskill national level surveillance systems that are integrated into a regional CRB-G management surveillance system
  • Integrate a regional approach to CRB-G biosecurity education and awareness
  • Build a CRB-G research and development management system.
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