Markets for Livelihoods

The Markets for Livelihood theme works to advance resilient farm families and ensure food and nutritional security by improving resilience of household livelihoods, diversification of livelihood strategies and access to markets.

The Pacific’s growth and status at the forefront of climate change and disasters and health emergencies has heightened already formidable challenges in food and nutritional security.  The Markets for Livelihood work theme aims to build resilient farm families to ensure food and nutritional security through improving availability, access, utilization and quality of food supplies in both rural areas and the Pacific Region’s burgeoning urban populations. High value crop production and transformation, certified organic agriculture and agri-tourism and agri-preneurship are supported to address these issues, with a prominent focus on youth and women in the organic sector.

This theme promotes management and systems that organise small holder farmers in value chains such as participatory guarantee systems and clusters. Markets are supported through activities that boost access to local and export markets, including strengthening  biosecurity, sanity and phytosanitary services and production quality that enhances food security and stimulates farming for market development at the village level.


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Markets for Livelihoods