Pacific Veterinary Network

The PACVET network was launched on the 10th January 2000. This list was set up by the SPC Regional Animal Health Service following a request from the meeting of the Council of the Commonwealth Veterinary Association for the Asia and Pacific Region which was held in Port Vila, Vanuatu, in late October 1999. Since that date a total of 1310 messages have been posted and PACVET has grown to 155 members – probably not a serious threat to PROMED, but still a very useful tool for those with an interest in animal health in the Pacific region.

The aim of the PACVET  network is to bring together members of the veterinary profession in the Pacific Islands much closer together, to the benefit of all and to review available information on the state of animal health and production services throughout the region, elucidate regional work priorities, and develop strategies for improving animal health and animal production services throughout the region.

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