Tuesday, 08 June 2010 10:20

ParavetThe paravet is the eyes and ears of the veterinarian at the community or field level. A paravet is not a veterinarian but he is responsible for providing basic animal health care and animal production advice to people in their communities.

In the Pacific context, this training programme is designed for people who work with animals but have not had any formal training in animal health or animal production .This programme is intended, in particular, for extension officers involved in providing advisory services to farmers in the field.

A Paravet will:

  • Recognize signs of disease in animals

Provide appropriate Treatment for sick animals

Advise farmers on correct livestock management practices

Ensure that animals are slaughtered in a hygienic and humane way

Ensure Animal Welfare issues are considered

What will a Paravet do?

  • Treat those sick animals that he can, given the resources available to him, and refer sick animals to the nearest veterinarian if he is unable to treat them
  • Provide advice to members of the community on animal production and health issues.
  • Visit farmers and advise members of his community on how to improve animal productivity
  • Carry out surveillance work for  exotic diseases