Strategic Plan
Thursday, 10 February 2011 14:36
Organic farming has the potential to play a huge role in addressing many of the issues facing Pacific Island countries and territories (PICTs). To facilitate its development in the region the POETCom (then the Regional Organic Task Force)supported by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), coordinated  the  development of this Pacific Organic Development Strategy.

It is anticipated that implementation of this strategy will assist in the development of organics in the Pacific and contribute to improvements in:

  • local and regional food security;
  • farmer livelihoods, by enabling farmers to trade, with access to both domestic and  export markets, and by reducing their dependence on expensive, imported production inputs;
  • human health, by providing better access to high quality, clean and nutritious food;
  • the environment, by encouraging the use of environmentally friendly management practices;
  • the well being of people and communities, by promoting the adoption of ethical labour and social justice principles.

These improvements will lead to achieving the vision of:

Pacific Organics – the key contributor to sustaining our cultures and improving farmer livelihoods, communities, peoples health and the environment in the Pacific”

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POETCom is the peak organics body for the Pacific region, and its secretariat is based at SPC with funding support from the EU Increasing Agricultural Commodities Trade project (IACT). POETCom’s vision is that Organics and Ethical trade will be the key contributors to sustaining our cultures and communities; improving farmer livelihoods, communities, people’s health and the environment in the Pacific.