Pacific Agriculture Policy Program (PAPP)

PAPP enhances the Regional (Pacific) and Inter-regional capabilities of agricultural sectors in eradicating poverty. Specifically the program works towards increasing the capability of Regional Agricultural Development Organizations of the Pacific region to address the development needs of smallholder agriculture by improving the linkages between small-holder farmers, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and markets.

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Tel: (679) 337 0733

Mr Vili Caniogo
PAPP Team Leader
Ext: 35484

Mrs Anna Fink
Agricultural Statistician
Ext: 35421

Mr Emil Adams
Information Communication Management Officer
Ext: 35247

Mr Andrew Tukana
Animal Health and Production (AH&P)
Research and Development Officer
Ext: 35262

Ms Anju Mangal
Information and Knowledge Management Officer
Ext: 35361

Mr Simione Tukidia
Publication Assistant
Ext: 35233

Mr Joeli Uluinayau
Publication Assistant
Ext: 35243

Mr Walter Wasile
Publication Intern

Mr Navneel Prasad
Agriculture Trade Statistics Technician
Ext: 35304

Ms Miriama Kunawave Brown
PAFPNet Research Technician
Ext: 35344

Ms Brittany Hazelman
PAFPNet Intern

Mrs Elenoa Tamani-Fuli
PAPP Assistant
Ext: 35346