Pacific Fruit Fly Project

Pacifly is the Pacific 's fruit fly web page which contains information about economic and non economic species of fruit flies in all the Pacific Island Countries and Territorries. Fruitflies are serious pests throughout tropical and sub tropical countries. They constitute of one of the worlds major insect pest in fresh fruits and fleshy vegetables. In every PICT, there is at least one damaging endemic fruit fly species present. Fruitflies cause direct losses to  fruit production and  in instances  where exotic species became established in a country, very expensive eradication programes had to be carried out. The Pacifly aims to provide detailed information of everything related to Fruit flies.

Bactrocera kirki (Froggatt)
Monday, 21 January 2013 10:09

Bactrocera kirki (Photo: S. Wilson)

DISTRIBUTION: French Polynesia (but not in Marquesas), Tonga, American Samoa, Samoa, Niue, Wallis and Futuna, and Fiji Islands (on Rotuma only).

HOST PLANTS: Its known host range includes 49 host species in 32 genera and 22 families. The following list covers published host plants from surveys in Tonga, Samoa and French Polynesia: Detailed host list.

BIOLOGY: Adults mate in late morning to early afternoon, when light intensity is highest. Life history and rate of development were studied in Samoa, where colonies are maintained. Heat tolerance studies were completed in Samoa. Attempts to rear the species in Tonga have had limited success.

ECONOMIC IMPORTANCE: This species infests 45-99% of guavas in Samoa. In Tonga, 90% of guavas are infested by B. kirki and B. facialis.

MALE LURE: Cue-lure.

QUARANTINE SURVEILLANCE: Cue-lure trapping and regular host fruit surveys of high risk species, especially guava, mango, Tahitian chestnut, Syzygium apples and tropical almond.

OPTIONS FOR RESPONSE (If newly discovered in a country): Increased trapping, increased host fruit sampling, restriction of fruit movement, protein bait spraying.

CONTROL: Fruit bagging, protein bait spraying, destruction of fallen and overripe fruits, early harvest of mature green fruits.

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