Details for  REDD+ and Forest Carbon Rights in Melanesia - Synthesis Report

Name: REDD+ and Forest Carbon Rights in Melanesia - Synthesis Report

Who owns the carbon in the forest?

This is a question of great importance for all developing countries preparing to engage with REDD+. As with all Pacific Island countries, land in Melanesia is of central importance to the cultural identity and economic security of customary communities. Consequently, the right to control forest carbon and the right to enjoy the economic benefits that may flow from this under REDD+, are also of critical importance.

The purpose of this synthesis paper is to summarize the legal position as to how carbon rights are treated under existing legal frameworks in four Melanesian countries (Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu) including options for law reform.

Prepared by Lisa Ogle, on behalf of SPC/GIZ Regional REDD+ Project "Climate Protection through Forest Conservation in Pacific Island Countries".

November 2012
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