Paravet Training Project
Wednesday, 14 March 2012 12:26

Diseases of livestock have long been recognised as both major limitations to animal production and as significant threats to public health in the Pacific region. To address this problem, there is an urgent regional need for paraveterinary officers / animal health specialists to meet the veterinary requirements of farmers in rural areas and to perform animal quarantine and meat hygiene duties.  A rise in the availability of such personnel will lead to increased animal production through improved animal health plus a reduction in the risks associated with the introduction and spread of diseases of animal and public health significance.

The PARAVET Training Project seeks increase the numbers of trained paraveterinary officers and animal health and production specialists in the region by providing Paraveterinary training through a distance learning programme using modular components.

In 1999 an MOU was signed between Agricultural Development in the American Pacific (ADAP) the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) and the University of the South Pacific (USP) to collaborate in the development of paraveterinary training for the Pacific Island Countries and Territories.

This requirement for the Paraveterinary training project was endorsed by the Xth Meeting of the Permanent Heads of Agriculture and Livestock Production Services (PHALPS) and subsequently endorsed by Conference.  The Delegates supported the need for Regional Paraveterinary Training and recommended that SPC develop such a programme. The FAO/SPC workshop on animal health information systems (June 1997) also recommended that SPC seek funding from donor agencies to establish a regional paraveterinary training programme using training modules developed for distance learning and that this be given a high priority in future animal health activities. This recommendation was subsequently endorsed by PHALPS XIII (Guam - April ‘98).

The PARAVET project is funded by PRIPPP and NZODA .


The PARAVET Training Project


The PARAVET project has been designed as a 3-phase project.

Phase I: The development of the introductory course

Phase I of the Paraveterinary Training Project was been completed with the development of the introductory course.

Phase II: Training delivery

Phase II: of the project is currently underway. As a first step the Introductory Course was piloted in Samoa. A total of 22 participants from Samoa and American Samoa took part in the pilot, of these a total of 16 passed the course assessment and were awarded certificates of attainment.





American Samoa









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