Pacific Fruit Fly Database
Thursday, 03 June 2010 14:25

The Pacific Fruit Fly Management Project played an important role in disseminating information on the management of fruit flies to all levels of the community. One of the outcomes of the Symposium on the Management of Fruit Flies (1997) was the need to foster information exchange to enhance the transfer of technology on fruit fly management between the PICTs and public awareness of the importance of fruit flies.  In addition to the compilation of technical Advisory serials, the Pacific Fruit Fly Web database was established to hold records of trapping stations and host fruit and vegetable surveys, produces information on the species present in each country, when they occur seasonally, where they occur within each country, their wild and edible/commercial hosts, their parasitoids, and the levels of damage and the economic significance of fruit flies. As a result, countries are in a stronger position to negotiate quarantine protocols for export of fresh fruits and focus research on the development of field control strategies and quarantine treatments for particular commodities.

The database can be accessed via the given link

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