The African Swine Fever initiative will manage the following activities.

  • Engage an animal health and production specialist and technician.
  • Revitalize the Pacific Heads of Veterinary and Animal Production Services (PHOVAPS) network to support ongoing consultation on country priorities and communication, networking and information sharing on lessons across the region.
  • Develop a regional roadmap on animal health and production.
  • Provide strategic guidance to SPC and support to member countries to progress priorities identified in the Global Framework for the Progressive Control of Transboundary Animal Disease.

The ASF initiative will work at the national level with the relevant animal health experts and Heads of Biosecurity to investigate import risk pathways related to ASF and ensure biosecurity interventions are enacted at pre-border and border locations for all countries in which the disease has entered. Additionally, there will be ongoing biosecurity shop surveillance and animal disease surveillance in- country as part of post-border activities, together with simulation exercises on animal health disease response plans.

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