Pacific Agribusiness Research for Development Initiative (PARDI)

PARDI — ‘Pacific Agribusiness Research for Development Initiative’ — commenced in February 2010. The project is coordinated by The University of Queensland and funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR).  PARDI seeks to create sustainable livelihood development outcomes for the South Pacific forestry, fisheries and crop-based sectors. 

PARDI Projects
Thursday, 19 April 2012 09:14

Research approach

PARDI research projects have been designed to:  

  • identify opportunities for high-value Pacific Islands products based on sound market and supply chain analysis
  • link to other relevant Pacific Islands-based programs
  • develop strategies to address researchable constraints through the identified intervention points
  • focus interventions at a value-adding level (where appropriate)
  • use interventions to improve supply chain competitiveness
  • apply lessons on supply chain competitiveness to influence sectors outside the initial scope of research
  • develop a methodology to evaluate the impact of PARDI initiatives on supply chains and associated livelihoods
  • develop and implement a capacity-building strategy to ensure South Pacific Island communities gain agribusiness growth, change and leadership skills.

Project areas

PARDI research is organised under three key areas (Cropping, Fisheries, Forestry) that each include projects based across the research locations covered by PARDI (research location map).


The PARDI research program is funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)