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SPC supports FSM in developing action plan for agriculture

The Pohnpei State Agriculture Strategic Action Plan (2011–2015) was launched last November by Lt Governor Churchill Edward, who gratefully acknowledged SPC for the technical assistance which allowed the development of this very important document. The Strategic Action Plan is an activity identified in the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC)–FSM joint country strategy. Partnerships with donors, non-governmental organisations and development partners become crucial in the achievement of goals in the Strategic Action Plan.  The Agriculture Strategic Action Plan is forward-looking and output-oriented, and very much people-centred, allowing greater buy-in from the communities of Pohnpei.  The consultative approach used to develop the action plan ensured that it was closely linked to the FSM Strategic Development Plan 2020 and the Pohnpei Farmers Association Action Plan to provide sustainability and complementarity of activities.

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