Details for Solomon Islands Government Policy on Organic Agriculture Systems (2010)

Name:Solomon Islands Government Policy on Organic Agriculture Systems (2010)
Description:The overall aim of this policy is to provide safe and nutritious food to the population of this country as well as foreigners visiting the country. In addition, promotion of organic agriculture systems in the Solomon Islands  will continue to improved environmental conditions, and income generating opportunities. Despite its many benefits, promotion of organic agriculture practices and products for commercial purposes has not been undertaken by the Solomon Islands Government or donor partner agencies on a large-scale leaving only the Zai Na Tina Organic Research and Demonstration Farm, with its very limited resources, to demonstrate organic agriculture. The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) has therefore taken the bold step of advancing the organic farming concept by incorporating to its normal annual work programs and integrating its promotion throughout its activities and operations.

Prepared by: Joini Tutua, R. C. Joshi, Belden Taki, Shane Tutua, Michael Ho’ota, John Harunari, Edward Kingmele [CBE], and other MAL Senior Officers, and Pacific Countries Partners. Comments from JICA headquarters (Dr. Hideyuki Kanamori) are also acknowledged.
Date: April 2010
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