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Effective policies rely on good information. Policy makers from the region identified weak communication, poor engagement of stakeholders, and lack of timely information as constraints to the development of effective Pacific agricultural and forestry policies and the enforcement and implementation of existing ones. A robust regional information exchange was identified as a valuable tool to strengthen communication in the area of agricultural and forestry policy.

Land Use and Soil Expert Database Development


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Inviting land use specialists and soil scientists in the Pacific region for Expert database Inviting land use specialists and soil scientists in the Pacific region for Expert database

Date added: 06/19/2012
Date modified: 06/19/2012
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As previously sent through PAFPNet, the Secretariat of the Pacific Community Land Resources Division (SPC LRD) A/ Director, Mr. Inoke Ratukalou would like to invite Soil Scientists in the Pacific region to identify themselves for the development of the Pacific Soil Scientist/ Pedologist Inventory. We would like to thank all those that have sent us their names – Vinaka Vakalevu! Please do keep on forwarding your details if you have not identified yourselves or of one’s you can recognize as Soil Scientists.

Now we would also like to invite Land Use Specialists around the Pacific to please identify yourselves with the attached criterias as we would also like to develop a Pacific Land Use Specialist Database.

The aim is to establish a database of Soil and Land Use Experts in the region which would allow members to easily identify or find the experts.

Please send in your details directly to:  [email protected] using the attached Application Form OR you could forward us your Curriculum Vitae.

If you require further information on the criteria’s OR on the Pacific Soil Scientist/ Pedologist Inventory and Pacific Land Use Specialist Database, do contact the Pacific Agriculture & Forestry Policy Network (PAFPNet) Administrator directly on email: [email protected].

Do not hesitate to forward this invitation to your appropriate Networks/ Colleagues.

Global Soil Mapping Report Global Soil Mapping Report

Date added: 08/03/2011
Date modified: 08/08/2011
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The Secretariat of the Pacific Community Land Resources Division (SPC LRD) A/Director, Mr. Inoke Ratukalou would like to Call upon “Soil scientists” in the Pacific for the development of the Soil Scientist/ Pedologist Pacific Inventory.

If you can identify yourself or of anyone that you might know off please send me your details (names and contacts) directly to email [email protected]

The consortium was formed in 2008 with aims to make a new digital soil map of the world using state-of-the-art and emerging technologies for soil mapping and predicting soil properties at fine resolution. This new global soil map will be supplemented by interpretation and functionality options that aim to assist better decisions in a range of global issues like food production and hunger eradication, climate change and environmental degradation.

Creating requires cooperation among scientists around the world. The project is designed around nodes in every continent to allow for the exchange of information and dissemination of data.

PAFPNet provides an opportunity for stakeholders to connect, share and engage in forums and activities intended for the development of effective agriculture and forestry policies.  It also offers a platform for Pacific stakeholders to correlate with those from other regions and institutions and learn from their experiences in agricultural and forestry policy development and implementation.  PAFPNet is forging closer alliances and cooperation with other regional and international networks, particularly with the African, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of States (ACP).

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