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Collection and use of domestic market data in evidence-based policy making Collection and use of domestic market data in evidence-based policy making

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Lessons from Five Pacific Island Country

Domestic Market Case Studies

Synthesis report prepared by Tuifa’asisina Steve Rogers and Jamie Morrison, October 2011

Poor supply of agricultural data coupled with weak capacity for analysis and limited demand for its use in political decision making have combined to undermine sustainable improvements in agriculture data systems in the Pacific region. Recognizing that data quality and the system as a whole is driven by demand and that demand will be driven by the awareness of its value by decision makers, it is vitally important to demonstrate the value of improved collection and use of data to policy makers. These were key findings from a recent FAO agriculture data scoping study in the Pacific region and a subsequent expert consultation meeting on enhancing evidence-based decision making held in Nadi, Fiji in October 2010.

Fiji Domestic Market Study Fiji Domestic Market Study

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Fiji Domestic Market Study: Opportunities and challenges for vegetable import substitution

Prepared by Tim Martyn, September 2011

Reducing the number of vegetable imports is a policy priority of the Fijian Government. However, replacing these imports with local supply faces a number of challenges. First, vegetable production and supply to the market is dominated by small holders, who are often unable to meet the exacting quality standards, credit demands and services required by the tourist industry, and an increasingly urban market. However, with adequate support, and working in groups and/or through middlemen, producers can better meet these demands.

This paper explores the range of quantitative and qualitative data surrounding vegetable import substitution in Fiji. It identifies the critical factors that need to be addressed by policy makers if domestic producers are going to be able to supply the growing urban and tourist markets.

Tonga Domestic Market Study Tonga Domestic Market Study

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Tonga Domestic Market Study: Using the Domestic Market Survey Report to investigate selected policy issues

Prepared by 'Elisaia S. Ika, September 2011

Tonga has maintained over recent years a relatively strong and extensive market data collection system relative to other countries in the region. However, even though this data has been made available in the quarterly Domestic Market Reports, limited opportunity has been taken to analyze the data in order to better inform policy decisions. Therefore, despite the high costs involved in collecting this data its true value has not yet been fully realized through improved policy decisions. An express aim of this study has been to demonstrate the policy value of domestic market data and thus raise the profile and importance of maintaining appropriate collection systems.

Samoa Domestic Market Study Samoa Domestic Market Study

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Samoa Domestic Market Study: Assessing the effectiveness of current domestic market data collection to determine the likely impact of increased vegetable production

Prepared by Edwin Tamasese, September 2011

An assessment has been made of the market structure in Samoa in regards to the Fruit and Vegetable sector in particular. The main areas of assessment were the types of participants involved in the market, the methodologies and practical data collection models used to measure market performance, as well as the likely impacts on the market should increases in production occur. This was with the overall intention of indicating how effective the current domestic market data collection system is in Samoa and the accuracy data for use in informing policy design, implementation and monitoring.

Vanuatu Domestic Market Study Vanuatu Domestic Market Study

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Vanuatu Domestic Market Study: The potential impact of increased tourist numbers on the domestic market for selected fresh vegetable produce

Prepared by Joshua Tio Mael, September 2011

This study was undertaken with the express aim to demonstrate the value of using domestic market data to better inform policy formation. At the time that the study commenced there was a near complete absence of data on the fresh produce domestic market in Vanuatu. The government authorities currently do not implement any regular market surveys and there are few studies which are easily accessible for use by decision makers. This poses a serious limitation for evidence-based policy making. It also constrains the analysis and interpretation that can be achieved from a case study approach such as this one because there is no context and baseline data to assess and validate assumptions being made.

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