Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) in the Pacific
Thursday, 17 February 2011 12:25

A completed evaluation form and all Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) documentation must be submitted for review signed by an authorized member of the PGS. Though only one final submission should be submitted to the POETCom for each PGS program, your group may find it educational to have as many stakeholders as possible answer the questions including farmers, consumers, facilitating NGOs as well as national or regional level coordinating staff.

The questions are phrased so that “YES” answers align with the characteristics of PGS.  That being said, not all questions require YES answers for your PGS to be considered for endorsement and to be able to use the POETCom PGS Logo.  Those questions marked as ‘IMPORTANT CHARACTERISTIC” do require a “YES” answer for your PGS to be considered for endorsement and to use the POETCom PGS Logo.

All applications are to be submitted by email to the POETCom PGS Review Committee c/- TBC


New Caledonia was the first Pacific Country to build a PGS and be accredited to use the Organic Pasifika PGS Seal. Further information visit Bio Caledonia

POETCom is the peak organics body for the Pacific region, and its secretariat is based at SPC with funding support from the EU Increasing Agricultural Commodities Trade project (IACT). POETCom’s vision is that Organics and Ethical trade will be the key contributors to sustaining our cultures and communities; improving farmer livelihoods, communities, people’s health and the environment in the Pacific.