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The Pacific’s fragile ecosystem is constantly at risk from invasive species, pests and diseases. It is therefore vital that sustainable and appropriate management practices are developed and utilized to ensure   sustained productive use of the land. Plant Health aims to promote these practices by utilizing its three main units, entomology, pathology and weeds in undertaking regular surveys of pests and diseases, providing information, creating awareness among farmers,  updating information databases and assisting in eradication activities. 

International workshop on Management of Diamondback moth
Wednesday, 29 June 2011 08:11

The 6th International Workshop on the Management of Diamondback Moth and other Crucifer Insect Pests was held at Kasetsart University, Thailand, 21-25 March, 2011.  SPC plant health technician, Mr Fereti Atu and Samoa MAF plant health technician, Mr Aleni Uelese, both researchers for the ACIAR project, “Integrated Pest Management in a sustainable production system for Brassica crops” for Fiji and Samoa attended the workshop. They co-jointly presented a paper on pesticide resistance and seasonal variation on the biological control agent T.chilonis, in Fiji and Samoa.

The workshop focused on capacity building in scientific research methods. Participants had the opportunity to share, learn and discuss new technology in the management of diamondback moth, especially adapting to suit local conditions. Breakout sessions were particularly rewarding and useful with the exchange of ideas in biocontrol work and management shared amongst the participants. The international gathering of scientists found the workshop very useful

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Effective management can help maintain productivity of land resources,stregthen food security, safeguard the environment and increase revenue. Plant Health strives to improve awareness on environmental implications of agricultural practices and offering safer environmentally friendly options.