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Forests and trees play significant roles in the lives of Pacific Islanders, economically, socially, culturally and environmentally. In many Pacific island countries, especially on the smaller islands and atolls, agroforestry and tree crops provide most of the food, medicines, construction materials, firewood, tools and myriad of other products and services that cannot be replaced with imported substitutions. For the larger countries, forests have contributed significantly into their economic development in terms of foreign exchange earnings, employment and infrastructure development. Thus, a major challenge for Pacific Island countries and territories (PICTs) is to ensure sustainable management of their scarce and diminishing forest and tree resources, taking into account demands for economic development and the social and environmental needs of their growing populations, LRD-SPC is addressing this under its Forest & Tree programme.

SPC supports tree planting ceremony marking 65th birthday for ACS
Monday, 16 September 2013 09:32

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community’s Land Resources Division has given 100 dakua (Agathis macrophylla) seedlings to Adi Cakobau School Old Girls Association for a tree planting ceremony on Saturday, 28 September.

The seedlings will be planted by ex-scholars, teachers and current students as part of the school’s 65th birthday celebrations.

ACSOG Association executives were grateful for the donation, noting that former students have on occasion undertaken their own tree planting to stop soil erosion around the girls school in Sawani, Naitasiri.

Dakua (Agathis macrophylla), also called Pacific kauri, is a native tree species in Fiji known for its high quality timber and resin.

There are already several dakua trees growing in the ACS grounds in Sawani where they were planted during the early days of the school. Many school alumni have fond memories of the trees and the shade they provided.

Cenon Padolina, SPC Forest Genetic Resources Officer, said, ‘This gift is part of our continued support for conserving indigenous species that have economic, social and cultural values. We hope that the Old Girls’ initiative in planting the trees will help conserve the school grounds and they will give pleasure to Adi Cakobau students for many years to come.

’LRD is committed to promotion, conservation and sustainable management of Pacific agricultural and forestry resources.

Photo Caption: L-R, Jalesi Mateboto (SPC), Cenon Padolina (SPC) with ACS alumni members. Photo by Simione Tukidia.

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