Animal Health and Production

Livestock plays an important role in the social, cultural and economic environment of Pacific Island communities. Indeed many, of the important social and cultural events in island life cannot be properly carried out without the slaughter and presentation of livestock in sufficient numbers. The Animal Health and Production thematic team works together in the Pacific region to develop prosperous, efficient and sustainable animal health and production systems, producing healthy animals and safe products for food security and income generation.

AHP Training
Thursday, 21 January 2010 16:05

 The PARAVET programme will provide trainees with the skills to:

    * - Recognize signs of disease in animals
    * - Treat sick animals
    * - Advise farmers on correct livestock management practices
    * - Ensure that animals are slaughtered in a hygienic and humane manner.

PRIPPP Checklist Database Training

PRIPPP Checklist was developed for Animal Health and Public Health. More to be added -
Pacific Animal Health Information System (PAHIS) Training

PAHIS database was developed in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organisation for the United Nations (FAO) in 1997. In order to update and correct bugs from that system, the PAHIS has been developed in collaboration with the Office International des Epizooties. It provides technical information on important animal diseases useful for risk analysis, diagnostic and understanding of diseases.  The Focus has been placed on improving accessibility of information to veterinary services of Pacific Island Countries and Territories and the system, on its full version, runs from CD-ROM.

ETM - Events Travel Management System

LRD portal connects LRD staff to Information, expertise and applications. Events Travel Management (ETM) System is an administrative tool that is used to organize events/ travel and workshop for LRD staff. Currently, LRD Admin staff have been trained on the use of ETM – they are using this system to organize LRD staff travels/workshops (perdiems etc). For those who wish to access the portal or the LRD contact list, please click on: http://falcon/SiteDirectory/LRD/default.aspx


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