Pacific Heads of Veterinary and Animal Production Services
Tuesday, 02 March 2010 15:43

The PHOVAPS network was established to response to resolutions made at the First Regional Conference of Ministers of Agriculture and Forestry Services.

During the PHOVAPS meeting, the ministers:

  • Acknowledged the need for the livestock sector to be strengthened in most countries
  • Recognized the importance of the threat of exotic diseases
  • Recommended that countries continue to collaborate regionally to prevent further outbreaks of
  • pests and diseases
  • Reiterated the need for regional agencies to collaborate in the development of programmes
  • Recognized the importance of integrated land use policy and planning
  • Recognized that sustainable utilization and management of natural resources are paramount for
  • nutritional security
  • Noted that the region is very rich in human resources
  • Acknowledged that access to genetic resources (crop, tree and animal) is necessary to ensure food
  • security in the long term

The aims of the PHOVAPS network is to review available information on the state of animal health and production services throughout the region, elucidate regional work priorities, and develop strategies for improving animal health and animal production services throughout the region.

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