Global Action Programme on Food Security & Nutrition in Small Island Developing States
Monday, 14 November 2016 08:31
The Pacific Community Land Resource Division, like our partners the Food and Agriculture Organisation, is at the forefront of assisting communities to improve access to an affordable, nutritious diet.


In particular, SPC are committed to improve the access of Pacific communities to nutritious food through the distribution of climate smart planting material (through our Centre for Pacific Agriculture, Crops and Trees), improving the collection and use of statistical evidence for targeting and monitoring the impact of community-based approaches (SDP), and through the provision of nutrition education and awareness assistance.

The Pacific Community established the NCD/Food Security Working Group in 2014. This was spearheaded by the Public Health and the Land Resources Divisions with representative from each of the 7 divisions, to develop a whole of SPC integrated multi- sector response to NCD and Food Security issues in the Pacific as outlined in the Pacific Community Strategic Plan for 2016-2020.

The Pacific Week of Agriculture 2017 offers a unique opportunity for adopting some improved modalities for future co-operation and collaboration in the delivery of core services to improve food and nutritional security.

Indeed achieving greater partnership in service delivery in Pacific island agriculture is a core theme for the first Pacific Week of Agriculture. For too many years SPC and FAO maintained parallel regional The Pacific Week of Agriculture meeting next year in Vanuatu provides a mechanism for strengthening partnership and improving co-ordination of service delivery, both at a national and regional level.

In particular, health and education – can work together with SIDS countries in a co-ordinated way to deliver accelerated action, on an issue of critical importance in this region and elsewhere among SIDS: food and nutrition security.

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