Biosecurity and Trade

Biosecurity is a strategic and integrated approach to analyzing and managing relevant risks to human, animal and plant life and health and associated risks to the environment. Interest in biosecurity has risen considerably over the last decade in parallel with increasing trade in food, plant and animal products, more international travel, new outbreaks of transboundary disease affecting animals, plants and people, heightened awareness of biological diversity and greater attention to the environment and the impact of agriculture on environmental sustainability.

Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTSs) need to position themselves to take advantage of trading opportunities, while protecting their natural resource base from potential risks.
SPC Appoints LRD Entomologist
Wednesday, 02 November 2011 09:11

Mr Maclean Vaqalo recently joined SPC as the new LRD Entomologist. Mr Vaqalo is from Choiseul Province in the Solomon Islands and has over  20 years experience in entomology work mainly in the Solomon Islands.

Prior to joining SPC LRD, Mr. Vagalo was the Director Research for Solomon Islands Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock; a position he held since January 2011.

Mr Vagalo has a Bachelor of Agriculture from the University of the South Pacific (1989) A year later, Mr. Vagalo started as Entomology Research Officer with the Ministry of Agriculture, Solomon Islands. Work focused on biological control, insect pest advisory services, and research development activities. In addition, Mr Vagalo graduated with a Master of Science in Crop Protection (1991 to 1992) from the University of Reading, England majoring in Entomology.

Mr. Vaqalo was Solomon Islands’ national coordinator, Regional Fruit Fly Management Project and engaged in fruit fly trapping and fruit rearing surveillances, as well as research studies on specific fruit fly species.

Mr. Vagalo recently completed his PhD research project on Taxonomy, Biology and Ecology of Slippery Cabbage Flea Beetle, Nisotra basselae (Bryant) in Solomon Islands. He studied at the University Queensland. His thesis is currently being reviewed by the University before  a PhD can be awarded.

Mr. Vagalo is based with LRD Biosecurity and Trade Facilitation Support Team in Suva and can be reached on email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or telephone number (679) 3379431.