Biosecurity and Trade

Biosecurity is a strategic and integrated approach to analyzing and managing relevant risks to human, animal and plant life and health and associated risks to the environment. Interest in biosecurity has risen considerably over the last decade in parallel with increasing trade in food, plant and animal products, more international travel, new outbreaks of transboundary disease affecting animals, plants and people, heightened awareness of biological diversity and greater attention to the environment and the impact of agriculture on environmental sustainability.

Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTSs) need to position themselves to take advantage of trading opportunities, while protecting their natural resource base from potential risks.
Taro Cleaner Pathway Project reminds farmers of their role
Wednesday, 06 July 2016 14:21

The Taro Export Pathway involves numerous stakeholders, from the farmer to the consumer. To maintain the sustainability of the pathway, the ACIAR-funded project, Developing Cleaner Export Pathways, is looking at ways to reduce the presence of pests and diseases on taro produced for export.

A group is in Fiji’s North this week to visit taro production areas in Taveuni, Tukavesi and Bua. The team, made up of staff from the Fiji and Samoa Ministries of Agriculture and the Pacific Community (SPC), is currently in Taveuni carrying out training and awareness-raising for farmers and will visit Tukavesi and Bua later in the week.

One of the major objectives of the project is to empower farmers with specific information regarding the requirements of the various agencies that oversee the export of taro to overseas markets. Farmers are being taught how to carry out soil sampling and the importance of knowing the state of their soil before planting. They are also learning management strategies to minimise the presence of common pests and diseases and are being made aware of the standards and requirements that must be met for the export market. In addition, our Samoan counterparts, Assistant CEO Research and Advisory, Mr Misa Konelio, and Crops Development Officer, Mr Pueata Tanielu, are sharing Samoa’s experience in reviving its taro industry.

The project is being implemented in Samoa and Fiji and is being funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) in collaboration with SPC and the Ministries of Agriculture.

For more information, please contact Ms. Ana Tunabuna at [email protected]