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LRD Helpdesk
Land Resources Division
Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC)

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community  Land Resources Division (LRD) has established an email based Helpdesk system to provide technical advisory support to Pacific Island Countries & Territories (PICTs). Technical advisory will be provided in the areas of Animal Health & Production, Biosecurity & Trade Facilitation, Crop Production, Genetic Resources, Forests and Trees, Forestry & Agriculture Diversification, Information & Communication and Extension, Plant Health, and Agriculture & Forestry Policy Advice. This email based facility receives processes and responds to queries from clients and stakeholders. It operates on a ticketing platform where incoming queries are tagged with a ticket number, and an auto-response message is sent to the requestor to confirm that the message has been received and opened. Query response turnaround is 24 hours and 2 weeks for those requiring research and technical staff input.
Should you have problems submitting your query via the LRD helpdesk for, you can always use the aternative method by directly emailing the helpdesk: [email protected]