FACT Enterprises Details
FACT’s activities are overseen by a technical advisory group (TAG) comprising five experts from the private sector, the University of the South Pacific and the Pacific Islands Trade and Investment Commission (PITIC) in New Zealand. Based on commercial and other relevant social and environmental criteria, the TAG selected 18 Pacific Islands enterprises and products which responded to a widely distributed expression of interest.
FACT is presently assisting these enterprises and organisations with technical advice, training, identifying and upgrading weak links in the supply chain. The enterprises are located within seven of the Pacific members of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP): Fiji Islands, Marshall Islands, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Samoa, Solomon Islands, Kingdom of Tonga and Vanuatu, include:
FACT Enterprise Details
Agrana (Fruits) Fiji Ltd, Fiji
Agrana Fruit (Fiji) Ltd operates a canning and tropical fruit processing facility in Sigatoka, Fiji.  The company employs about 35 staff and have about 250 outgrowers supplying local fruit (mainly banana and mango). Agrana supplies organic fruit pieces /pulp and canned fruit pulp to other divisions of Agrana in Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. Lack of production is a major problem, for example local producers supply 30-40 tonnes of bananas monthly, when over 90 tonnes per month is required just to meet the Australian order. The company has sought assistance from FACT in developing improved systems for post-harvest handling of fruit and obtaining HACCP certification for its plant. FACT is also assisting with supply of appropriate banana planting materials to growers, and organising these producers to supply the factory on a programmed basis that suits both parties.
Balthan (Western) Ltd, Fiji
Balthan (Western) Ltd, based in Suva, Fiji, is a leading exporter of diverse fresh and frozen agricultural products including cassava, taro, breadfruit, ginger, yams, sweet potato, chillies, turmeric, Tahitian chestnut, jackfruit, plantain and papaya. The company currently employs about 30 staff, and has more than 60 growers and suppliers, projected to increase to more than 150 growers. Balthan has sought assistance from FACT to improve its production supply chain, including developing a HACCP compliant agro-processing facility on Vanua Levu, an area where farms have few market outlets.  .   www.balthan.com
Direct Management Ltd, Solomon Islands
Direct Management Ltd (DML) is a specialist company based in Honiara, Solomon Islands, which buys and exports cocoa beans to Singapore and Malaysia.  DML has taken a lead role in revitalizing Solomon Island’s cocoa industry, and with support from Holland Commodities, has distributed over 240,000 cocoa seedlings to cocoa smallholders on Guadalcanal. DML has sought FACT assistance to train cocoa famers in integrated pest and disease management, develop a HACCP compliant processing facility in Honiara and extend its cocoa operations to Santa Isobel..
Earth & Spirit Products PNG, PNG
PNG coffee production is a high volume, high value export commodity chain with significant small-holder participation.
Earth & Spirit Products PNG (ESP) work with an extensive network of 2332 coffee small-farmers in the Managalas Plateau, a volcanic plateau about 1200 meters above sea level in the Oro Province of PNG This coffee they process and export to organically certified markets in Australia and the US. In 2010, ESP is expanding into the production of perennials – birds eye chillies – to provide their coffee farmers with a cash crop between coffee farmers. This will significantly expand the volume of their production, and the logistical problems in transporting and processing this produce.
FACT will help ESP to establish a number of collection centres, coupled with solar driers, to assist with the ease of transport, traceability of coffee and quality control. Installing improved solar drying of chillies will help them to meet the standard moisture content of 11% required for storage and sale of chillies Through reducing transport costs and improving quality, farmers will be able to receive higher prices.
In addition, ESP is also seeking assistance from FACT for Rainforest Alliance certification of their coffee to help their growers access a high value export niche. .
GroCom Ltd., Kingdom of Tonga
GroCom is a limited liability company established in 2009 and owned by more than 1000 Tongan farmers engaged in export production. GroCom aims  to provide a range of services to the horticulture export industry. The Company’s revenue will come from a performance based commission pegged to achievement of export volumes and fob prices. GroCom Ltd is seeking FACT’s assistance to develop a set of guidelines and a certification process for TongaGAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and to conduct a series of workshops to train and certify participating farmers; value chain analyses and interventions; packaging and branding (carton and label design), trial shipments and market information.
Kaiming Agricultural Investment Ltd, Fiji
Kaiming Agro Processing Limited (KAPL), based in Navua, Fiji, is mainly involved in production, processing and export of root crops and value-added ginger products.  Its main export markets are Australia and New Zealand, and it is looking to break into the USA and EU markets. It employs approximately 80 workers and has  about 100 outgrowers/suppliers. KAPL has sought assistance from FACT to improve its production/supply network, food safety standards, develop its ginger processing facility, and expand its export markets.
Lapita Café Ltd, Vanuatu
Lapita Café Ltd is a food production and catering company based in Port Vila, Vanuatu. It produces and value adds to local agricultural produce, including manufacture of banana and cassava chips and cookies using local nuts (coconut, canarium and peanut). It supplies snack packs of these foods to Air Vanuatu’s domestic and international flights. Lapita Café Ltd has sought assistance from FACT to evaluate and improve on its food production and safety including kitchen upgrade, training in business and marketing skills, organic certification, development of new products (especially gluten free flours) and expansion of markets into New Caledonia, New Zealand and Australia.
Maraghoto Holdings Company Ltd, Solomon Islands
Maraghoto Holdings is a small family business, based in Honiara, Solomon Islands, and involved in domestic agro-food production, processing and marketing, especially utilizing indigenous nuts and fruits (canarium, beach almond, cut nut, breadfruit and Tahitian chestnut). It employs about 15 staff and has 28 growers/suppliers (including three community-based organizations) in Western and Temotu Provinces.  Maraghoto aims to partner with rural communities in the commercialization of indigenous nuts and fruits. Canarium nuts have been frequently identified as one of the most promising underdeveloped export market opportunities from Melanesia (PNG, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu). Maraghoto has sought assistance from FACT in several areas, including  increasing and ensuring consistent nut supply (e.g. through improved germplasm development), construction of solar hot air nut driers and processing equipment, upgrading laboratory and storage facilities, training of local staff in quality assurance and grading, and improved local and export market development.
Monpi Sustainability Services, PNG
Monpi Sustainability Services (MSS) is the extension and support service for Monpi’s 1500 small-holder growers. This has been set up especially to focus on smallholder development and acquiring a certified status for its networks, leading to best agricultural, environmental and social practices. MSS is seeking assistance from FACT for assistance in organic certification and HACCP compliance. Through the training of trainers and working with staff at Monpi’s processing facilities, FACT hopes to enable MSS’ growers’ access higher value, certified export niches
Niugini Tea, Coffee and Spices, PNG
Niugini works with 1900 small-holder coffee growers in the Morobi province and Highland area of PNG. They have worked hard to access higher value certified markets for their coffee by obtaining Organic and Rainforest Alliance certification, and are moving towards developing single plantation and smallholder branded coffees. However, the quality of the coffee they receive from smallholders fluctuates dramatically, as a result of the processing technologies employed by their growers. Farmers also lack the capacity to carry out the simple book keeping tasks required by auditors to maintain organic and Rainforest Alliance certification.
Niugini Tea, Coffee and Spices is seeking assistance from FACT to improve the quality and traceability of coffee parchment received through training farmers in the use of hand pulpers , fermentation boxes, and training on farming as a business and book keeping.
Origins Pacific Ltd., Fiji
Origins Pacific Ltd is involved in the production of virgin coconut oil (VCO) for local (Resort Spas and MH Supermarkets) and export markets (New Zealand and USA). OPL is based in Suva, Fiji with two production areas on the outer islands of Moala (Lau group) and Taveuni. It employs 15 staff and has 28 suppliers of coconuts in three villages. OPL plans to diversify into coconut water, coconut vinegar and coconut flour. OPL is seeking assistance from FACT in promoting nutritional benefits of VCO, achieving HACCP and organic certification, and development of more efficient production technologies, domestic and export markets. www.originspacific.com.fj
Pacific Spices, PNG
Pacific Spices Ltd is an agricultural production, processing and export company specializing in spices and essential oils, and based in Rabaul, East New Britain, PNG. The company employs 30 staff and has 218 certified organic producers and 1500 conventional farmer suppliers, mainly in the Baining Ranges.  Products include spices (cardamom, nutmeg, turmeric, ginger, pepper, chilli, cinnamon, lemon grass) and essential oils (cardamom, lemon grass, citronella, vetiver grass, patchouli, ginger, pepper, cinnamon, peppermint). Pacific Spices main export markets are Germany, UK and Japan. Assistance sought from FACT includes technical assistance (nutmeg propagation), research and development (new essential oils), training of producers to improve quality, HACCP and organic certification, and appropriate stills and drying equipment to increase production and quality.
The PNG Balsa Company, PNG
The PNG Balsa Company, based in Kokopo, East New Britain, is involved in growing, harvesting, manufacturing and exporting balsa wood products to markets in Asia, Europe, USA and Australia. The company employs 1650 workers and purchases balsa from 600 growers. The company is currently planting 800 hectares of balsa per annum on share farmed land belonging to PNG locals. Demand for balsa composites is increasing especially for use in the wind turbine blade industry. The company plans to increase output five-fold by 2011. Assistance from FACT is being sought for forest certification, technical assistance (improved genetic materials - seed improvement program, nursery and silvicultural practices), project management training and outgrower extension services.
Robert Reimer Enterprises Inc., Marshall Islands
Robert Reimer Enterprises (RRE) is producing Pandanus fruit products, mainly juice and baby foods, for local markets in Marshall Islands and as carry-on exports through Marshallese Islanders travelling to USA. The company is looking to develop new export markets. RRE presently has 4 employees and eight people involved in sourcing supply of Pandanus fruits from three areas. The company has sought assistance  from FACT in development of new products, supply chain and marketing analyses, assistance with germplasm and replanting, management and marketing skills, improving food safety standards and packaging.
T.H Plantation, Samoa
T.H. Plantation is the manufacturer of ‘Samoa’s Favourite Chips’ and involved in producing banana, taro and breadfruit chips for local and ‘carry-on’ export markets.  The company employs 12 people and is supplied with produce from 20 growers. TH Plantation is seeking assistance from FACT for improved production, packaging and labelling and with development of export markets.
Value-added Timber Association (VATA), Solomon Islands
The Value Added Timber Association has more than 400 members located throughout the Solomon Islands.  VATA’s mission is to develop a strong sector in value added timber products based on high quality natural and plantation species grow in the Solomon Islands.  Individual members of the association are directly involved in small-scale timber processing and export, mainly to Vanuatu, Australia and New Zealand. VATA is seeking FACT’s assistance with developing an FSC certification system for local sawmillers, training and establishment of demonstration plots of FSC certification system; market information system and intelligence and training in marketing skills including negotiation and pricing.
Village Eco-Timber Enterprises (VETE), Solomon Islands
Village Eco-Timber Enterprises acts a marketing agent which facilitates trade in community-based eco-timber products from Solomon Islands. VETE is also involved in training communities in practices to sustainably utilize and manage their forest resources. Timber is sourced from 23 communities and supplied to markets in Australia and New Zealand. VETE is seeking FACT’s assistance with meeting requirements for FSC group certification, training of operators in FSC and management training.