Plant Health Doctors Network

The Plant Health Doctors Network works with partners to address the many challenges arising from plant pests and diseases. The Network uses a variety of approaches and tools to help farmers diagnose and find solutions to plant diseases.

The Network works through plant health clinics – an approach adapted from human health clinics. When a person gets sick, she or he goes to see a medical doctor at a clinic. Similarly, when a farmer faces a plant health issue, she or he could take a plant sampling and visit a nearby plant health clinic for advice. The Network seeks to hold frequent clinics at farmer friendly locations such as municipal markets, which serves as an alternative to the current challenging model of one agricultural extension officer visiting many farmers in various localities.

The Plant Health Network is affiliated with the University of Queensland, the University of Tasmania, the University of the South Pacific and Fiji National University.  It uses the following tools and facilities for its clinics and trainings. 

  1. Plant health training manual
  2. Factsheet App (Pacific Pest, Pathogens, & Weeds) v10.0 with 504 factsheets.
  3. A Level 3 biosecurity approved laboratory facility located the Land Resources Division campus in Fiji.
  4. The Fiji Plant Doctor Network on WhatsApp.
  5. PestNet, a global digital diagnostic and management advisory service mainly for Pacific Island Countries and Territories, but also accessible globally. PestNet additionally has an app.  

Government ministries and biosecurity services in Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, and Solomon Islands.

Plant Health Clinic manual is available for download from this link:

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