Pacific Animal Health Laboratory Network

The Pacific Animal Health Laboratory Network (PAHLNet) is a group of animal health laboratories in the Pacific region , organized through the Pacific Regional Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Project  (PRIPPP), to work together and ensure early detection of infectious animal diseases.  Establishing the network is part of the efforts to strengthen animal health laboratory capacity and keep the region abreast with current developments in animal disease diagnosis. The structure is composed of 3 laboratory levels, each playing significant roles for the efficient functioning of the networking.

Level 1: National/basic animal health laboratories from the 22 Pacific Island countries and territories

Level 2:  Sub-regional animal health laboratories located in Fiji (Fiji Veterinary Pathology Laboratory), Guam (CNAS University of Guam) and Papua New Guinea (NAQIA National Veterinary Laboratory)

Level 3:  Referral and reference laboratories

The specimen referral flowchart illustrates the proposed flow of specimen between 3 laboratory levels.

PAHLNet flowchart

The PAHLNet mailing list was put in place to support communication between the different animal diagnostic laboratories.  A formal invitation was circulated to PHOVAPS in April 2009 to nominate 2 government  delegates to serve as the country’s animal health laboratory contact persons.  Invitation to participate in this mailing list was also extended to other veterinary and laboratory experts. The mailing list directory now includes representatives from the agriculture/animal health sector of PICTs, SPC LRD, reference laboratories (Australian Animal Health Laboratory, Queensland Department of Primary Industries Australia, MAFBNZ Investigation and Diagnostic Centre, USGS National Wildlife Centre Hawaii), universities and private agencies engaged in diagnostics.  Linkages with public health agencies are also being progressed. All members of the mailing list are strongly encouraged to contribute in the weekly circulation of laboratory updates to strengthen this line of communication.  Active participation in the network will greatly contribute to the sustainability of animal health laboratory diagnostic capacity in the region.

Provide updates and comments to PAHLNet mailing list by sending an email to [email protected].  Subscribe/unsubscribe to this mailing list by clicking register here.  For further information on PAHLNet, send your queries to [email protected].

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