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Pacifly is the Pacific 's fruit fly web page which contains information about economic and non economic species of fruit flies in all the Pacific Island Countries and Territorries. Fruitflies are serious pests throughout tropical and sub tropical countries. They constitute of one of the worlds major insect pest in fresh fruits and fleshy vegetables. In every PICT, there is at least one damaging endemic fruit fly species present. Fruitflies cause direct losses to  fruit production and  in instances  where exotic species became established in a country, very expensive eradication programes had to be carried out. The Pacifly aims to provide detailed information of everything related to Fruit flies.

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Tokelau is a small isolated New Zealand dependency. The three atolls make up ten km².

FRUIT FLY SPECIES: One species is known: Bactrocera new species near passiflorae. It is closely related to B. passiflorae, but has a pale abdomen. Its host range and pest status have not been studied.


Surveys.1. Established permanent trapping sites in all the 3 islands in Tokelau. Trap sites are made up of one trap baited with methyl eugenol and one with Cue-lure.

Development of National Expertise. 2. All 6 Quarantine Officers in Tokelau(2 in each island) and a representative from the Council Office of each island attended a training in Samoa on Quarantine Border Management, Fruit Fly Surveillance, Trapping procedures including visits to the Fruit Fly and Entomology Laboratory in Nu'u Research Station. This was carried out after their hands-on training on fruit fly trapping procedures and host fruit survey on the islands in Tokelau.

STATUS OF QUARANTINE SURVEILLANCE (as of October 2007): There are altogether 9 trapping sites in all the 3 islands with one Cue-lure and one methyl eugenol trap in each site -  Fakaofo (4), Atafu (3) and Nukunonu (2). An extensive host fruit survey was carried out in October 2004 covering the 3 islands stated above. A total of 33 samples of various fruits which included papaya, tropical almonds, breadfruit, banana, pandanus fruit, noni (Morinda citrifolia) and coastal wild fruits were collected and sampled for host fruit survey.


Tora Vueti, E., Allwood, A.J., Leweniqila, L., Ralulu, L., Balawakula, A., Malau, A., Sales, F., Peleti, K. 1997. Fruit fly fauna in Fiji, Tuvalu, Wallis and Futuna, Tokelau and Nauru. pp. 60-63 in: Allwood, A.J., and Drew, R.A.I. 1997. Management of fruit flies in the Pacific. ACIAR Proceedings No 76. 267pp.

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