Carbon Assessment Workshop
Wednesday, 31 October 2012 09:20

Full report on carbon Assessment and Monitoring workshop held in Nadi Fiji at Tanoa International Hotel in 2012.

Forests are fundamental to the well-being of the people in the Pacific  Region. They provide basic necessities such as food, medicine, wood, fibre, energy and water; they mitigate the impact of natural disasters; and they maintain biodiversity.

The cultures of the Pacific are deeply rooted in forests. In the current international climate change negotiation, forests have become an important topic for discussion because of the role they play in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

This is very important, given that Pacific Island countries are considered some of the most vulnerable to the negative effects of climate change.

Amazingly, forests in the region have not been sufficiently studied nor properly managed. Some countries have lost most of their original forests.

Forest cover in the region is decreasing and many of the existing forests are degraded. People have been utilising their forest resources in an unsustainable manner. The governments and people of the region recognise the importance of sustainable forest management but lack of capacity and inadequate resources prevent them from implementing programmes towards sustainable forest management.

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(Compiled and edited by Vinesh Prasad of SPC, proof read by Sairusi Bulai of SPC and Hitofumi Abe of JICA, layout and design by Emily Naidike of SPC, photos by Hitofume Abe and Vinesh Prasad.)