Coconut plantation management training
Monday, 02 July 2018 10:15

The workshop was conducted for nationally nominated extension officers and coconut researchers, as well as NGO representatives, the university sector and private industry, all of whom are involved in coconut programmes around the Pacific. The workshop explored nursery and planting techniques, traditional and organic management of coconut plantations, choice of planting materials, methods of assessing the efficiency of replanting programmes, and the diffusion of information to coconut farmers.

Director of SPC’s Land Resources Division Jan Helsen said, ‘By training trainers we expect the learning to be spread as widely as possible to many coconut farmers in the region. This will assist them in making decision about coconut varieties, intercropping, spacing and management in order to improve livelihood opportunities for farming households who grow coconuts in the region.’

The intensive four-day training sessions were led by Senior Researcher Dr Roland Bourdeix of CIRAD, the French agricultural research and international cooperation organisation.  Dr Bourdeix has conducted many projects and expert missions related to coconut agriculture in more than forty tropical countries. As well as numerous plenary sessions, the group also visited the Fiji Ministry of Agriculture’s LegaLega Research station to do ‘hands-on’ exercises in coconut nursery management and tree measurement.

The workshop included in-depth discussion of the question of incentives for boosting coconut production. Recommendations and adaptations of training materials will be produced for participant use after the event.