Coconut exporters take out major awards in Samoa
Monday, 02 July 2018 10:09

IOn 16 June the Samoa Association of Manufacturers and Exporters (SAME) announced their annual Exporter of the Year Awards. The award project is an initiative of SAME and is supported by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour.  It is aimed at supporting the SAME Samoa Export Plan 2016–2020, launched in December 2016 by the Minister for Finance, the Government of Samoa and partners of SAME. The plan’s overall objective is to achieve exports of SAT 100 million by 2020, which is consistent with the Strategy for the Development of Samoa 2016/17–2019/20.

The objectives of the export awards are:

  • to recognise and reward excellence in exporting;
  • to encourage and stimulate exporting activity;
  • to raise Samoa’s trading partners’ awareness of the country’s products and services;
  • to build greater understanding of what is required to succeed in exporting;
  • to build partnerships between government and the private sector to support export growth; and
  • to encourage innovation amongst manufacturers, exporters and services.

This year, coconut businesses dominated the awards, with exporters of coconut products taking out seven of the eight top awards. Clearly the sun has not set on the coconut industry in the Pacific!

Two businesses that are recipients of CIDP pilot projects received recognition: Mailelani Samoa and Serendi Coco Samoa Ltd. Mailelani Samoa took out the Best in Innovation award and also the Woman Exporter of the Year Award. Her company was also runner-up in the Value Added category.

Serendi Coco received Best Agriculture and Fisheries Award and Best Export Support Services Award.

Krissy Co, exporter of organic and Fairtrade coconut cream amongst other products, received the award for Best in Export Marketing and was also awarded the Overall Exporter of the Year Award.