LRD Strategic Objective 1
Tuesday, 22 April 2014 10:05

Strategic Objective 1: To Support informed Policy Decisions, advocacy and Knowledge Sharing on Sustainable Land, agriculture and Forestry Management and Development

Under this strategic objective LRD will support and reinforce work across the other three strategic objectives. Providing technical expertise and support both within the division and to PiCTs in agricultural statistics, resource economics, economic analysis and policy formation. LRD’s information, knowledge management and communication team will facilitate systematic sharing of information, lessons learnt and experiences within and between countries to optimise benefits and widely disseminate best practices. LRD will continue to organise and coordinate regional and international meetings that provide a platform for policy dialogue and advocacy on sustainable land, agriculture and forestry management and development. Where relevant, LRD will strive to ensure that the Pacific Island region’s voice continues to be heard on the international stage.


Medium-term outcome 1: Capacity to make evidence-based policy decisions on food security, sustainable resource management and economic growth strengthened

Output 1.1.1:  Relevant policy guidelines and briefs on key issues prepared

Output 1.1.2: Technical assistance for economic analysis provided

Output 1.1.3: Technical assistance for land, agriculture and forestry data collection and statistical analysis provided

Medium-term outcome 2: Awareness and understanding on climate change and other key agriculture and forestry issues enhanced

Output 1.2.1: improved provision of agriculture and forestry information shared through active networks

Output 1.2.2: advocacy and capacity to participate in international policy processes (e.g. unFCCC, unFF, unCCD, CBD, CGiaR, CGRFa etc.) developed and strengthened

Output 1.2.3: Development of extension and education materials supported

Medium-term outcome 3: Effective monitoring and reporting on LRD strategic results

Output 1.3.1: indicator baselines established

Output 1.3.2: Regular tracking, impact assessment and reporting of indicators carried out

Output 1.3.3: LRD programme evaluated