Private sector pilot projects awarded in Samoa and Vanuatu
Monday, 15 January 2018 20:26

Private sector pilot projects awarded in Samoa and Vanuatu

The Coconut Industry Development for the Pacific (CIDP) programme has awarded pilot project support to six enterprises in Samoa and Vanuatu. The support is in the form of technical assistance and equipment.  The purpose of directly supporting pilot projects is to provide know-how and models for improved coconut production, processing and marketing that can be replicated in the region, thereby improving opportunities for the many smallholders who depend on coconuts for their livelihood.

An open competitive expression of interest (EOI) process was undertaken and a total of 15 EOIs were received. EOIs were assessed for compliance to eligibility criteria and, at national level, governments verified that compliant EOIs aligned with the national development priorities for the sector.

An independent business development expert then undertook due diligence on the short-listed EOIs and made recommendations to a technical advisory group (TAG) – an independent panel of experts in business, marketing, financing and development.

The TAG undertook an in-depth analysis of the shortlisted proposals, based on the due diligence reports and the members’ own area of expertise, and selected the top ranking proposals for CIDP support. A priority area for assessment was the impact the project would have on smallholder livelihoods. The TAG’s recommendations were then referred to the governments of Samoa and Vanuatu for final endorsement.

The enterprises endorsed for support are listed below.


  • Mailelani Samoa Body Care. Mailelani has developed a wide range of coconut-based body care products. The support will improve production processes and expand local and international marketing.
  • Samoa Coconut Cluster (SCC). SCC produces organically certified virgin coconut oil for local and export markets. The support is designed to improve the quality of VCO produced and diversify the range of products produced by SCC.
  • Serendi Coco Samoa Ltd. Serendi Coco processes organic and fair trade certified coconut oil for export markets. The support is designed to develop seed supply and replanting of smallholder plantations, leading to medium-term improved supply and higher incomes for suppliers.
  • Women in Business Development(WIBDI). WIBDI processes organic virgin coconut oil for export and local markets. The support is designed ensure that oil is sufficiently clear and consistent in quality so it no longer requires refinement or deodorisation opening up new market opportunities.


  • Elcress Agra. Elcress produces organically certified coconut oil for the cooking oil market. The support intends to develop a coconut oil product that does not solidify in temperate conditions and to build the capacity of coconut farmers through an ongoing ‘academy’ training programme.
  • Ambrym Coconut Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd (ACFC). ACFC supplies coconuts to produce virgin coconut oil to the Virgin Coconut Oil Factory, and the Happy Islands Coconut Oil (Happy Islands), which market the product.  The support will improve production on the coconut plantations, leading to increased production.