- Public private partnership opportunities with GIZ
Monday, 15 January 2018 20:23 - Public private partnership opportunities with GIZ

Whether the aim is to provide training for local employees, promote the use of climate-friendly technologies or improve social standards at production facilities – the objectives of private enterprises and actors involved in development cooperation often overlap. pools public and private resources with the objective of bringing sustainable improvements to the living conditions of people in developing countries. It was set up by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to foster the involvement of the private sector at the point where business opportunities and development policy initiatives intersect.  There have been more that 1500 development partnerships in the framework of since 1999, and the programme is now being introduced to the Pacific Island region.

The programme supports European-based businesses working in partnership with businesses in developing countries and emerging markets to drive forward innovative private sector projects. This means that, in order to access, Pacific businesses will require a European-based partner, who may be a buyer of the product or a potential market. There is some possibility of assisting Pacific businesses identify potential European partners. The programme then provides assistance to plan, finance and roll out activities in partner countries, enabling sustainable international business commitments while contributing to improving opportunities for local people. organises a quarterly ideas competition. Companies have the opportunity to submit their ideas and proposals for projects that foster modernisation in the food sector, including the coconut sector; that enhance socially acceptable and environmentally friendly agricultural production and processing; and that provide the population with sufficient food. Contributing to a more socially and environmentally responsible agriculture and food sector pays dividends in several ways: not only can companies ensure the sustainable growth of their businesses, they will also expand their own know-how and open up opportunities for the local population.

More information on programme and concrete cooperation examples can be found on the homepage.

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